Blatter enters, and then fuels, race debate

Sepp Blatter, FIFA a senile deluded old fool

Race, it seems, is top of the editorial agenda after (insert obligatory ‘alleged’ here) incidents involving Luis Suarez and John Terry in the past month. Each is seemingly a sad indictment of the English game, where racism it appears, still thrives. Suarez, claims Patrice Evra, called the defender a “n*gger” at “least ten times” during Manchester United’s visit to Anfield in September. Meanwhile, […]

Cretin Blatter talks sense on debt

Sepp Blatter

FIFA President Sepp Blatter has hit out at debt ridden Premier League clubs, accusing chairmen of stockpiling players and spending money they don’t have. The FIFA supremo warned of financial over-commitment in England, although the scandal-hit FIFA President struggles to talk with credibility on the matter. Blatter, never reticent in being critical of the English […]