The new man has much to do

David Moyes, Everton

As if the season wasn’t chaotic enough for those at Old Trafford, Liverpool is set to win the Premier League for the first time, while Manchester United is in a desperate fight for Europa League qualification. Little wonder that United’s 2-0 defeat to Everton proved to be the final straw, ending David Moyes’ disastrous 10 […]

Welbeck goal challenges Moyes’ approach

Danny Welbeck

The goal was so good it was almost offensive. Obnoxious because Danny Welbeck’s superb strike at the Hawthorns on Saturday exposed the real talent in Manchester United’s midst; a talent so desperately underused in David Moyes’ counter-revolution this season. Indeed, while much of United’s play over the past eight months harks back to a basic […]

How United could benefit from the long ball

david Moyes

David Moyes is withstanding significant criticism due to the listless performances of Manchester United under his management this season. The former Everton manager has continued to garner support from within; including Sir Alex Ferguson, meaning the United manager is likely to continue in charge of the reigning English champion for the foreseeable future. Whispers to […]

Moyes’ pride masks his predjudice

David Moyes

Amid the inevitable hue and cry from the social media crowd over David Moyes’ position as Manchester United manager one wonders quite when the Scot’s pride comes into play. The pride to fix a team fundamentally broken; or the self-respect to walk away before more damage is done. This is, as one supporter put it, […]

A new low

David Moyes

The inner chimp, says sports psychologist Dr. Steve Peters, dominates. The chimp is primitive. The chimp is emotion. The chimp is basic needs: power, sex, territory, food. The chimp is 99 per cent of our psyche. This chimp is angry at Manchester United’s performances this season. More specifically, at David Moyes. The one per cent […]

Stuck in middle

David Moyes

New manager, mid-table in December, is Manchester United stuck in the middle of nowhere six months into David Moyes’ reign? Arguably the biggest change in the club’s history was never going to be a smooth transition. Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement left many predicting a fall from grace, but it is the gravity of this fall […]

Moyes’ evolution offers United hope

David Moyes

The lack of European pedigree caused many Manchester United fans concern upon David Moyes’ arrival at the club, but the Reds’ progress to the Champions League knockout stage has come with little fuss. The domestic situation, however, is bordering on disastrous, with the title all but gone and qualification for next season’s Champions League at […]

Moyes: 20 games in

David Moyes

Manchester United’s record-breaking 5-0 win against Bayer Leverkusen last Wednesday marked the 20th game under David Moyes, and despite a shaky start to the campaign, the Reds are now on a decent run, with Moyes’ side unbeaten in 12 matches. With 20 down United has played enough games for Moyes’ tactical vision to emerge – […]