Poll: which ‘world star’ should United sign?

James Rodriguez

Executive vice chairman Ed Woodward claims that Manchester United can break the world transfer record for player, with manager Louis van Gaal working under no fixed budget. Speaking during United’s tour of the USA, Woodward echoed previous sentiments about United’s financial muscle. “It is in our capabilities to spend £60m, £70m, £80m on a player […]

No limit to Reds commercial gain – now for squad renewal

Adidas Old Trafford

It is, in every sense, an extraordinary deal. Some 13 years after Manchester United first hooked up with Nike, executive vice chairman Ed Woodward has brokered a shirt manufacturing contract with adidas that is worth at least £750 million to the club by 2025. Possibly substantially more. It is a deal that underlines United’s enduring […]

Data Rant: how much will the Glazers release this summer?


Helped by few suspect refereeing decisions Guus Hiddink took South Korea to the semi-finals of the 2002 World Cup. In the process the Dutch manager confused many Korean journalists by referring to his 3-5-2 system as “1-3-3-2-2″ – he often preached that a player’s position is always relative to others and that the goalkeeper is […]

United ready to show off the money debt equity players

'Show me the money'

One certainty when dining at the top table is that the fare on offer can be mighty pricey. It seems that Manchester United’s appointment of Louis van Gaal to the manager’s post signals the club’s intention to eat à la carte once again. While the Dutchman boasts a fine record of working with youth, over more than two decades as a front line […]

van Gaal rises to his greatest challenge

Louis van Gaal

There is a tendency to view Manchester United’s future in one of two extremes: those who believe the sky has fallen in on a once great empire, and observers who hold true that all ills have been cured by dismissing David Moyes. As ever the truth lies at neither poll, although it is axiomatic to suggest Louis […]

Data Rant: United’s summer game of Moneyball

Billy Beane

Manchester United will start the 2014/15 season with only domestic honors at stake. Being out of Europe, however, could turn out to be a blessing in disguise, enabling an overhaul of a squad in desperate need of renovation. Louis van Gaal certainly has the track record to revitalise a slumbering giant, but the Dutchman faces […]

Rebuilding Manchester United

Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic

With little left to play for in an altogether disastrous Manchester United campaign thoughts turn to the summer’s principal highlight. A period when great men come to the fore and the hapless are mocked with little mercy. Time for dreams to  be made and then shattered; where the hopes of millions are peaked and snatched away. […]

Lighthearted review of the transfer window that was

Luis Anderson

There’s an old adage oft-employed by footy fans when discussing players they deem dispensable to their club: “I’d have personally given him a lift to the airport myself.” It’s a phrase heard bandied about boozers nationwide. Whilst most vehicle owners can accommodate a quartet of passengers, if this rule is applied to every Manchester United […]

United’s dirty dozen

Juan Mata

The transfer business, it seems, holds as much intrigue as the game itself. Why else should columns of speculation fill the nation’s print media, rolling news file vacuous report after unsubstantiated rumour, and the blogsphere work itself into a new frenzy almost hourly. None more so than at times of great drama – and Manchester […]