Rant at 10

Rant Birthday

Happy belated birthday – United Rant is ten. Well sort of. Born 9 March 2004, Rant has lived in two instalments: first, to March 2007, and then again from April 2009. The hiatus a story too long to recount. Yet, it has certainly been an amusing if sometimes expletive-laden ride; more than a decade of […]

United Rant forum, mark IV

United Rant Forum

There have been, believe it or not, four variations of the United Rant forum since the website’s birth in 2004. The first iteration, live between 2004 and 2007, became an infamous and somewhat rabid den of all that is iniquitous and unholy on the internet. Fantastic entertainment for around 5,000 users in other words. Then […]

Fixtures Wallpaper 2012/13

fixtures wallpaper _1366x768

Download United Rant’s fixtures wallpaper for the 2012/13 season. This wallpaper will be updated with fixture dates when TV schedules are confirmed, and cup game dates/fixtures when known. The wallpapers are available in three sizes: huge, wide and large!   Huge Wallpaper – 2920 x 1642 pixels     Wide Wallpaper – 1366 x 768 […]

Fixtures wallpaper


Want a free fixtures wallpaper? Want it to include last season’s goal of the year? Want it to fit your computer screen? Then look no further than these Rant wallpapers. Click for a preview, right-click and “save as..” to download. Wallpaper 1600 x 1200 pixels Wallpaper 1280 x 1024 pixels

United Rant Fantasy League 2011/12

Fantasy Football

This season the United Rant community is holding, for the first time in seven years, a Fantasy League competition. Based on the official Premier League competition, the United Rant league is available at fantasy.premierleague.com with the entry code 288020-112982. Entry is free and Rant will offer additional prizes for the league winner.

United Rant on the net

United Rant

United Rant has a number of channels and places for fans to get together and join the debate. If you haven’t already, why not join in on Twitter, Facebook, the Podcast and the Rant Forum. Coming soon, Rant Monthly, our new magazine. Facebook Fan Page: Join Facebook users on the United Rant fan page at […]

Rant anywhere: mobile site/app

United Rant on Mobile

As part of United Rant’s continual evolution we welcome to two new interfaces for the website – for touchscreen smartphones and Samsung Bada-enabled devices. First, those readers with a touchscreen smartphone will enjoy our web-app interface. Navigate to unitedrant.co.uk on your touchscreen smartphone and touch to add the web app interface to your home screen. […]

Rant in 2010

I Rant Therefore I Am

Once again, 2010 has been a great year for United Rant, which has continued to offer the best in original Manchester United commentary, written entirely by supporters. In 2010 Rant published 689 articles, with 681 images, with more than 10 thousand comments contributed. Rant lives because of you, the readers. For that we thank you! The […]

United Rant Forum

United Rant Forum

The United Rant Forum first appeared on the internet in 2005 on this website. Having moved at least twice in between the forum is now back at its original home. Join regulars, writers and the website’s editor on the Rant Forum for some of the liveliest Manchester United debate on the internet. Rated R for […]

United Rant writing competition

Green & Gold

Submit an article to United Rant and win this high quality green & gold, 100 per cent fake anti-Glazer shirt with the player’s name and number of your choice on it! The rules for the competition are simple – write at least 500 words of topical analysis in the United Rant style, submitting to editor@unitedrant.co.uk […]