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United Rant launches new forum

May 29, 2010 Tags: Shorts No comments

United Rant, one of oldest independent Manchester United blogs on the web, has launched a new forum at www.unitedrant.co.uk/forum. The forum, open to all registered users, re-creates the thriving community that existed on the website between 2005-2007. In beta testing mode for the remainder of the summer, the United Rant forum offers a voice to United supporters everywhere.

www.unitedrant.co.uk/forum – register now and have your say!

United Rant, featured on the BBC, Guardian, Maxim, ESPN among many other media, has been live since 2004 and established a reputation for independent thinking.

Competition: Come up with new slogan and win Cantona T

April 23, 2010 Tags: Shorts 8 comments

United Rant needs a new slogan. The website, on the Internet since 2004, relaunched in April 2009 with a reminder of our longevity. It’s a bit old hat so we’re asking you, our readers, to come up with something new. The best wins an Eric Cantona T-Shirt.

Add in the comments below or let everyone know on Twitter and @unitedrant to win.

In around five words sum up United Rant and win this….

Rant’s new social networking features

March 17, 2010 Tags: Shorts No comments

Regular readers will have noticed a strange black bar appearing in the header section of the website in recent days. Fear not, nothing is wrong. The bar is your access point to new social networking features on United Rant. Readers now have integrated access to groups, forums, extensible profiles and messaging on the website.

Registered users can create an extended profile, upload an avatar (or better still use a Gravatar), create and take part in groups with attached forums and messaging fellow readers directly. Each group includes its own forum for topical discussion.

Register here, create a group here and view other registered members here.

The system is very much in beta so please forgive any bugs or stylistic problems and report any problems to editor@unitedrant.co.uk.

Wanted: contributors

October 23, 2009 Tags: Reads 2 comments

United Rant, on the web since 2004, has established an independent voice by offering critical analysis about Manchester United and everything involved with the world’s most popular football club. In addition to daily features, United Rant offers news, video, a podcastTwitter feed, YouTube channel, and Facebook fan page. Rant needs you to get involved in all of them…

  • Features – we want quality writers with a passion for Manchester United and the ability to write analytical and insightful copy on a topical issue of the day. Controversial, impactful, provocative in the United Rant tradition.
  • News, videos, polls – can you help write-up breaking news? Gauge the opinion of United fans? Or source the latest goals from around the web?
  • Social media – Rant has a small but growing following on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Could you help build the number of followers in social media?

If you’re interested in joining the team, we’d love to hear from you at editor@unitedrant.co.uk

Ways to follow Rant

September 7, 2009 Tags: Reads No comments

If you’re new to United Rant, here’s the lowdown. The website is a Manchester United fanzine, offering daily news, opinion and analysis on Manchester United. Rant was born in early 2004 , during the difficult times of the 2004-5 season. We once called for the manager’s head. Not for the first time, Sir Alex Ferguson proved the doubters wrong. Today, Rant continues to promise honest commentary on Manchester United in good times and bad.

Enjoy the site, comment on the articles and if you’d like to join the Rant and write for this website, get in touch!

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Sorry really is the hardest word

April 25, 2009 Tags: , Reads 6 comments

On Friday 4th November 2005 your editor called for Sir Alex Ferguson’s head. Frustrated by a crushing 4-1 defeat to Middlesbrough in the Premier League, followed by a limp performance against Lille in the Champions League, I came to the conclusion that Sir Alex’ time was up at Old Trafford.

I made this call not because for one moment I believed Ferguson has lost any of his skill. Nor that a change of manager would guarantee success. And certainly not because I had become spoilt by success and expected nothing less (I supported United through 26 barren years too). But because the great man’s legacy was genuinely under threat.

At the time I wrote that Ferguson was “seemingly bereft of ideas to turn things around.” Fans will recall too many mediocre players in the United squad that season; frankly, too few good purchases. Inconsistent tactics but players consistently  used out of position were also common. Worse still, the excuses for defeat seemed more blinkered than ever. No Sir Alex, the pitch at the Stade de France that night against Lille wasn’t to blame; four central defenders in the starting XI were.

But taking the long view, your editor was wrong and Sir Alex was right. He has turned things around. United will be crowed Premiership champions for the second year running in May. The Reds may even add a European Cup double to the trophy won so gloriously in Moscow last year. Moreover, your editor’s suggestion that a young Paul Le Guen take the helm has been proven laughably off-base.

For that Sir Alex, you have my humble and grovelling apology.

Return of the Rant

April 23, 2009 Tags: Reads 30 comments

Sometime in 2004 a blog was born. Not from some misplaced desire to earn web 2.0 blogosphere social media wealth and notoriety. Nor a genuine belief that the site would actually attract any readers, let alone ones that cared. But a basic primeaval urge embedded into the DNA of every football fan. The need, when things aren’t going your team’s way, to rant and then rant some more.

For Manchester United fans 2004-5 wasn’t a pretty time. United lost the league to Chelsea by 18 points and were beaten in the FA Cup final by an inferior Arsenal side. United also went out of the Champions League at the first knockout stage, somewhat meakly, to eventual finalists Milan. Worse still the winners were our great rivals from down the M62. The word that dare not speak its name.

But fans suffered not solely because the team was (I’ll be kind) in a period of transition but because our leader, Sir Alex Ferguson, was undergoing a period of mental transformation too. From a coach whose genuine belief was that his team could ‘score one more’ than the opposition, to a pragmatist tactician. The end result was a second, glorious, Champions League victory in May 2008 for which all United fans are grateful. The original Rant called for his head, and has been proven wrong.

But travel is just as much about the journey as the destination and this road was far from smooth. A website found its voice.

And while the site didn’t make a dime, at its zenith around 1,000,000 pages per month of editorial were read. That’s 1,000,000. More than 15,000 fans received the site’s newsletter twice a week and there were 5,000 registered users on a rabidly active forum. Your editor was asked to write for national newspapers and became a regular pundit on both broadcast and Internet radio. It was a surreal, if shortlived, experience.

Sadly, love rarely lasts forever. A little over two years after it’s inception the site died. It had to. It wasn’t pretty, nobody’s proud about it and you’ll forever be spared the details.

Now it is time for Rant to rise again. While we can’t promise to bring you the depth – or length – of analysis, or frequency of editorial we once did, but we’ll try our best. It’s the same editorial team, back from the dead.

Step aside immitators, fakers and haters (there were many). Rant is coming through.