United Rant launches new forum

United Rant forum

United Rant, one of oldest independent Manchester United blogs on the web, has launched a new forum at www.unitedrant.co.uk/forum. The forum, open to all registered users, re-creates the thriving community that existed on the website between 2005-2007. In beta testing mode for the remainder of the summer, the United Rant forum offers a voice to […]

Competition: Come up with new slogan and win Cantona T

Eric Cantona T-Shirt

United Rant needs a new slogan. The website, on the Internet since 2004, relaunched in April 2009 with a reminder of our longevity. It’s a bit old hat so we’re asking you, our readers, to come up with something new. The best wins an Eric Cantona T-Shirt. Add in the comments below or let everyone […]

Rant’s new social networking features

United Rant

Regular readers will have noticed a strange black bar appearing in the header section of the website in recent days. Fear not, nothing is wrong. The bar is your access point to new social networking features on United Rant. Readers now have integrated access to groups, forums, extensible profiles and messaging on the website. Registered […]

Wanted: contributors

United Rant, on the web since 2004, has established an independent voice by offering critical analysis about Manchester United and everything involved with the world’s most popular football club. In addition to daily features, United Rant offers news, video, a podcast, Twitter feed, YouTube channel, and Facebook fan page. Rant needs you to get involved in […]

Ways to follow Rant

United Rant Badge

If you’re new to United Rant, here’s the lowdown. The website is a Manchester United fanzine, offering daily news, opinion and analysis on Manchester United. Rant was born in early 2004 , during the difficult times of the 2004-5 season. We once called for the manager’s head. Not for the first time, Sir Alex Ferguson […]


Sorry really is the hardest word

Sir Alex Ferguson

On Friday 4th November 2005 your editor called for Sir Alex Ferguson’s head. Frustrated by a crushing 4-1 defeat to Middlesbrough in the Premier League, followed by a limp performance against Lille in the Champions League, I came to the conclusion that Sir Alex’ time was up at Old Trafford. I made this call not because for […]

Return of the Rant

Premier League Champions

Sometime in 2004 a blog was born. Not from some misplaced desire to earn web 2.0 blogosphere social media wealth and notoriety. Nor a genuine belief that the site would actually attract any readers, let alone ones that cared. But a basic primeaval urge embedded into the DNA of every football fan. The need, when […]