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New writers
Would you like your copy to appear on one of the best independent Manchester United fan sites? For more than a decade United Rant has been synonymous with independent and at times critical thought. There are no sponsors to please, no clicks to chase and only one rule to obey: challenge our readers to think again with original analytical writing. If you are interested please email editor@unitedrant.co.uk to be considered, preferably with a sample of your work. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Team…

Ed Barker, ranter-in-chief
When Ed started Rant back in 2004 the sole aim was to find an outlet for the frustration building up from Sir Alex Ferguson’s dire 2003-2006 side. Ok, it wasn’t all that bad, but these things are relative. Today, Rant has grown into one of the leading independent voices on United and Ed remains at the heart of the action – on the website, on the podcast and in all sorts of other media outlets.

Paul Ansorge, podcaster
Paul is the soft heart of Rant, failing to abuse Scousers with anywhere near the acceptable level of regularity. Or at all. Co-host of Rant Cast, Paul can also be found at the Bleacher Report offering an opinion on all things United.

Jay Shon, data-analyst-in-chief
They say geeks are the new rock stars. Jay leads the anaysis on Data Rant, offering a unique data-driven view on the world of football with a red-tinted slant. Tackling a diverse range of questions, Data Rant uses statistics, econometrics and game theory to look at topical issues in a new light.