Rant Cast 324 – The Pogba Experience

November 21, 2017 Tags: Reads No comments
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Yo, naysayers claiming that Paul Pogba is over-rated, too expensive and never turns up! Get. Back. In. Your. Box. Pogba is back. Bigger, stronger, and better than ever before. Boy did United miss him.

After a difficult month, in which United lost two Premier League games to fall eight points behind Manchester City in the title race, José Mourinho’s men are back on course, with a thumping victory over Newcastle United – in no little part due to the Frenchman’s return. Ed & Paul digest all the fallout from the weekend victory at Old Trafford and look forward to games against Basel and Brighton & Hove Albion.

As usual, there’s plenty of listener questions and for Patreon backers a look back at United’s FA Cup Finals (‘coz the Reds once played Brighton in a Cup Final, you know…)

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