Rant Cast 341 – “And the manager of the year award goes to …”

May 22, 2018 Tags: The Pod 2 comments
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The season ended in disappointment; José Mourinho’s prosaic side going down to Chelsea at Wembley. Not that there hasn’t been plenty of that to go around over these past five long years. No FA Cup redemption to save a trophyless season.

Ed & Paul look back on the FA Cup Final, a game in which Mourinho’s side pushed a resolute Chelsea, but never really looked like having enough after Phil Jones’ catastrophic error gifted the Blues a penalty. There’s the Rant Cast end of season awards, plenty of listener questions and a look ahead to the summer transfer market. For backers: favourite World Cup memories.

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Fusilli Jerry - May 23, 2018 Reply

Liverpool have a better manager than us. As do Spurs. (Anyone who says what has Pochettino ever won, completely fails to understand the job Levy has asked him to do – consolidate their status as a Champions League club – and his complete success in so doing.) Pretty soon we might find that Chelsea and Arsenal also have better managers for this era of football than we do.

What those clubs, and City, do not have, is Anthony Martial. Soon, neither will we – the way that Chelsea don’t have Salah or de Bruyne.

Paul paying/not paying for airplane banners? United Rant, Full Time Devils et al should have organised a Greenham Common-style 24/7 protest outside the Lowry ever since Sanchez came to fuck up our team and confirm what last summer’s Perisic pursuit suggested.

I say Martial in. Mourinho out.

Julian - June 2, 2018 Reply

There’s no chance Mourinho will be replaced. Unless of course he walks out which is always a possibility particularly if the club doesn’t back him in the market In order for the latter there will have to be significant sales. If it’s a Bale or a Ronaldo then Martial will be out. If it’s a Sandro then it’s the end for Shaw. Darmian and most probably Fellaini have virtually gone although Mourinho’s hankering after the latter is beyond pathetic. All in all though, Mourinho is fulfilling the club’s current limited ambition – finishing in the top four and ECL competition. There’s no great desire to do much else. However if we have another season like this past one – with boring football and repeated embarrassing public outbursts from the manager then the club might find itself forced to reconsider.

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