World Cup Rant Cast – Lukaku shines, De Gea blunders

June 22, 2018 Tags: The Pod 2 comments
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In this edition Ed & Paul look back on the first week of the tournament, celebrating a feast of football – some good, some bad, some spectacular, almost all entertaining.


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Paul - June 23, 2018 Reply

Always enjoy the tongue in cheek and sarcastic delivery you guys have. I could almost imagine enjoying the podcast without being a United fan.
But in this last episode I got a bit pissed off about how you spoke about the Sallah thing.
I understand hating Liverpool, I even understand hating Klopp (I live in Dortmund and support Borussia Dortmund and I still do get it). But you cannot talk about Ramos’ attacks on Sallah in a way that suggests that Sallah is a big pussy and so are the Liverpool supporters.
In my opinion (and the opinion of every football fan I spoke to in the last few weeks) the foul was close to criminal. There were two deliberate attacks on the key player of a team in order to get rid of him. It was disgusting and so far from sportsmanlike. Call me a romantic or naive, but I got really angry at that. Ramos should been thrown off the field after those two attacks and you know it.
Some things are bigger than club allegiance and fan support. And one such thing is the utter cuntiness of Sergio fucking Ramos. The shittiest shit faced shit eating cunt in all of football today. I don’t even hate Mourinho as much as that asshole.

Serinette - June 24, 2018 Reply

Thanks for using our tune guys

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