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by OliverB
2 weeks ago
Forum: The Rant Forum
Topic: Viva Ronaldo - He’s back.
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Re: Viva Ronaldo - He’s back.

A lot of United fans are saying 'he's not as good as he was' blah blah... I call any player who can get 20 a season a good player. There is a difference between Ronaldo and other players over 33, look at his body, he's a fitness nut, it's not just his skills on the ball that made him who he is, it's...
by OliverB
1 month ago
Forum: The Rant Forum
Topic: Forum upgrade and changes
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Re: Forum upgrade and changes

Message for the Admin, when I go to reply / post a topic I keep getting logged out after about 2 minutes, there was also a debug error at the top of the screen when I posted my last post, something about an 'array' or some thing like that.
by OliverB
1 month ago
Forum: The Rant Forum
Topic: Paul McShane Appointed Academy Player/Coach
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Paul McShane Appointed Academy Player/Coach

Paul McShane has been appointed as player/coach in the academy, Paul was most recently at Rochdale and rejoins his boyhood club despite rumoured interest from Salford City.

Welcome back Paul!
by OliverB
1 month ago
Forum: The Rant Forum
Topic: Jadon Sancho - Welcome.
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Re: Jadon Sancho - Welcome.

Very good signing on paper and if we get the Varane deal over the line it ramps the pressure up on OGS in terms of expectation and will give us an insight into how he handles big players.
by OliverB
1 month ago
Forum: The Den
Topic: anyone been chestfeeding lately?
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Re: anyone been chestfeeding lately?

It's pretty sad really, I thought the same a couple or so years ago when they said the staff at railway stations shouldn't say "good evening ladies & gentlemen" any more. We all want to make the world a better place for our kids, yet stuff like this is just weird, the traditional politeness that has...
by OliverB
3 months ago
Forum: Match Day
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Mourinho isn't special any more, in fact he hasn't been since his second season back in charge of Chelsea, clearly when the board didn't sign the players he wanted, he found it easy to throw them under the bus, that said, clubs should not sign players without the manager giving the final word as it'...
by OliverB
1 year ago
Forum: The Rant Forum
Topic: Maguire
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Re: Maguire

The Telegraph are saying his sister was stabbed in the arm, if that is the case then I can see why he may have reacted.

They are also saying Gareth Southgate will give him a ring in the next 48 hours before making a decision on whether to inlcude him in the Nations League squad.