Fixtures 2020/21

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9 months ago

Sid wrote:
9 months ago
Wait, the Prem doesn't start til next weekend. Normally it follows the weekend after the community shield? They must be giving em an extra weeks rest.

Anyway the squad returned to training today, so they'll have just over 2 weeks preparation before the first match. And no preseason matches up to now. This is shorter than the prep post lockdown - and the players were knackered after about 8 games.

You can't condition your body to to play a full season in just 2 and a bit weeks, it's mad - especially with no competitive 90 min matches.
And an international summer tournament at the end of it. Absolute lunacy. And we have players called up for the international games next week too.
Its why I'd gamble and give the 'crown jewels' and extra 3-4 weeks to rest and re-condition properly. Accept that the first 3 or 4 games we'll be depleted, but focus on the season as a whole.

But its madness that clubs are being placed in this position. They should be starting the new season a month later than they are.
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