Sharpy tells story of Cantona kung Fu kick.

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pint vulger
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3 years ago

Yea funny he told the story well,he needs to get a new script writer though.

Sick of those ' Sportsmans evenings' the speakers now are asking for a wedge therefore the price of the ticket has to go up so they get more difficult to sell ,but we have raised a few bob in the past just became its too much like hard work.Wilf McGuiness was one of the best.

As for the Cantona night ,I remember it like yesterday couldn't believe it when I saw it on motd later definitely thought he would never play for a Utd again, one of the most amazing incidents in sporting history, it cost us another title though but was it worth it ? Yea. :D
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3 years ago

taggart would stick sharpe or giggsy on the irght just to get em both in the side, why cant joey

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