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HARRY wrote:
Lazarus wrote:So Pint's banned but Harry isn't? I don't get it, why the difference? Who took the decision to un- ban Harry and why? I'm happy to have him stay but what happens with the next racist comment or disabled comment?
And Robbo Harry was warned over and over by Alf but he just kept going. In fact Alf went ahead after the 'Black Pudding' comment and acted himself without anybodies encouragement and banned him and Pint.

Nobody is forcing Harry to keep doing it even after he's been asked to stop.

8-} Your getting some mileage from "Black pudding gate" Laz. And the "Harry's a racist cunt" dog shit. So i'll clear it up for those who are not part of the agenda. A Facebook post was made about our front line consisting of Alexi Sausage, Marcus Rasher and Black pudding, presumably Lukheskey. And that we should always start the day with a full brekky.

I merely reposted here. That doesn't constitute "keep doing it"? And you say I was "warned over and over by Alf", yet conveniently forget to mention how many times yourself and the agenda benders were warned for constantly hijacking threads with childish bitter sniping which promptly moved on to threats of physical violence, one of them against myself. I was warned by Alf. I stated my case, but adhered to his warning. Unlike others who after being warned continued to tell him to fuck off, even though he was clearly making the correct point.

Like Robbo said, we need to careful with the PC dogshit. Intrigued to see what the reaction would be should someone call Jones or Matic a "white pudding!!" :-? I'll monitor that one.

But yeh! I'm humbled that in your post Laz your happy to have me around and wouldn't want to see me banned. But quickly confused as to why in the next paragraph you ask 3 times why I haven't been banned yet? 8-}

Listen Harry I know you love this idea of gangs on here and you've let us all know who you think is in your gang. But I'M NOT SID! I'm not in Sid's gang. Just like i never supported LVG, which you've said over and over

So show me , if your just not lying again, where I've been warned by Alf??? Go on, you do this all the time, make shit up.... Show us all the posts threatening you with violence i've made?

As for Alf banning you. He acted on his own, said he'd banned both you and Pint but yet here you are. Either you were banned or you weren't, i want to know what the fuck is going on. You must have been confused by the last paragraph cause try as i might i can't see were I asked you to be banned 3 times in it.... Maybe you could show me what you mean?

As for the "Black Pudding" comment. I don't give a fuck that you read it on Facebook it's racist as fuck and that is exactly what you wanted it to be.

The reason i'm happy to have you post is that it's only a matter of time before you use abusive words again, you can't help it.
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"I merely reposted here" is the quote of the day. He merely reposted a racist post from FB, that makes it alright then :))

Fact is Harry nor any other cunt can go to Laz and tell him not to be upset by Harry mocking disabled people when he said himself he's disabled and takes offence. Me and Laz have had wars and I overstepped the mark. But... I'd never slag the cunt for a disability. It's too far. You do that in a pub, you're out. You do it on Twitter, FB, you get banned. Likewise racism, homophobia, "slitty eyed chinks" and all that shite he said before.

It's open and shut. Done. Case closed.

There's no witchunt either, Snoop. You do the crime, you do the time. Harry did the crime now he has to do the time. It can't get fairer than that. He int a victim. Also as you can see from that hella bitter aggressive emotional post, he int letting the "agenda" shite go and that's massively disruptive for the forum, as it has been for the last 2 seasons.

So lets just draft up some new rules and move on.
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That's the end of this thread. It's heading towards bitter sniping and Sid has made the point that we should just draft up some new rules and move on. I see he's set up a new thread in Off Topic so can you all please move that discussion there.

this thread is now locked
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