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First... many thanks to FuB once again for sorting the technical challenges on the Forum and to the community for being patient. I've added FuB to the moderators list and given him admin rights so he can make any technical changes.

I can see there are some 'political' challenges here. Arguments, wind ups, antagonism, sexism, racism. Some of this is binary and some more subjective, but given I've put 14 years into this I'm not about to allow the community to be overtaken by the kind of offensive crap, misinformation, and trolling that has ruined Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the internet.

We're small enough that moderation can and will take place. I've trusted a number of people to moderate, but sometimes debate about what is and isn't acceptable isn't actually decision-making. I get that moderation will be controversial for some people. I don't mean to eliminate debate or even argument, but there are certainly some who believe that 'free speech' means a lack of consequences. That is not true here.

I'm going to delete some threads and ban some users. I get that some people won't like it, but where it crosses a line and I feel a sense of moral (although not legal) responsibility, I'll make a decision.

Thanks for reading.

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